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Blarney Stone's Kitchen Remodel
72-Hour Charity Event

April 17-19 2009

Blarney Stone General Contracting is putting on their 2nd annual Charity Event. Our sixty-day add campaign on Fox11 prompted a huge response from the Tucson community, and we received dozens of nominations for needy groups that might deserve a kitchen makeover. Four finalists were selected and placed on our website ( Then votes were cast by the community - THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! - and one finalist was chosen.

Blarney Stone is thrilled to announce the winner of this kitchen makeover community event: congratulations to Cholla High School Exceptional Education Self-Contained classroom. This is a facility at Cholla High that teaches students with varying levels of disabilities. The new kitchen and laundry facility that will be built to replace their old substandard facility will be used for teaching life-skills to the students with disabilities. This will not only benefit all of the existing students of Cholla High, but every student to go through Cholla High from this point on. The Life-Skills program will teach important skills, such as shopping for food, preparing/cooking healthy meals, doing their own laundry and taking care of themselves for a more refined sense of independence. They need to learn day-to-day tasks that the rest of us take for granted. These kids need our help, and as the saying goes:

Those who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to take action.

Blarney Stone would like to thank all of the sponsors and the people who cared enough about their community to submit nominees and vote on this event. We wish we could help everyone, but unfortunately, only one could be chosen. We, at Blarney Stone, will continue to improve upon our charity division. and hopefully, one day soon, we will have enough resources and cooperation to dedicate an entire non-profit crew to work year around to help the needy. Until that day comes.

Help who you can, when you can.

We are looking for donations and help on many levels. Anything from: appliances, sheetrock, lumber, paint, plumbing supplies, electric supplies, furniture & countertops, and more. After seeing the facility, we decided to not only give them a new kitchen & laundry facility, but to make over the entire 2,700sf classroom. This annual event is modeled after shows like "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" and will be done over the course of a weekend (April 17th, 18th & 19th). Last year's event was a huge success, help us make this year even better!

~ Kevin Cogley and the Blarney Stone Team


"By facilitating this remodel project, you have instilled within our students, as well as the Cholla community, a sense of pride, unity, and cohesiveness which has been absent for some time."

A Letter from Cholla High School Exceptional Education Self-Contained classroom

March 10, 2009

To: Kevin Cogley and the staff of Blarney Stone General Contracting

From: Scott Kloefkorn and Susan Crowe, Cholla High Magnet School

Thank you for creating the Blarney Stone Gives Back Charity Event. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel that you not only considered the Cholla High School Life Skills program worthy of such a generous donation of time, skills, and materials, but that you selected us as the winner of a full kitchen remodel. There were so many worthy candidates.

The Cholla High School Life Skills classes offer students of varying levels of disability opportunities to transition to life after high school. Many of our students are currently enduring financial challenges and have few resources in which they have access to. Current program funding which usually benefits these children has been greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. Historically, these programs are underfunded in the best of situations. These financial challenges are intensified by the fact that these kids are frequently overlooked as being capable of self sufficiency and of becoming independent and productive members of society. We know that they are capable of great things. This program encourages them to reach their potential.

In this climate of economical challenges it is important for us to provide our students with all of the tools they will need to become successful in their adult lives. By facilitating this remodel project, you have instilled within our students, as well as the Cholla community, a sense of pride, unity, and cohesiveness which has been absent for some time. The fact that our students will now have a state-of-the-art learning environment, in addition to the notion that they are worthy of such attention, will further instill a sense of pride, self-worth, and energy that will continue to inspire them -- and others, as they continue on their educational journey. The impact of this endeavor will also continue for future generations as more students enter into this educational environment.

Despite your obvious generosity with building materials, appliances, and skills, we may need additional support in which we can teach these students. Once the construction is completed on our new kitchen/classroom, there will be additional needs in order to fulfill each student's educational goals. We will do our best to enhance their learning by facilitating the acquisition of items from a "wish list" of quality materials such as pots, pans, utensils, etc. It is our hope that additional community members will continue to support these students by donating items from this wish list. Actually, the community has already begun to rally behind our students and school in order to facilitate this dream.

Once again, we wish to express our gratitude to you, as well as to the other businesses and individuals who so freely donate their time, expertise, and supplies to such worthwhile non-profit organizations. Perhaps with your example, we will continue to lead the community in promoting a sense of charity, unity, and success... not only in the community, but also in the classroom.


Scott Kloefkorn
Susan Crowe
Exceptional Education Teachers
Cholla High Magnet School


The finalists, winner, and all voters understand that all materials and appliances are donated and will be selected by Blarney Stone. The winner will receive a new kitchen, but will not have much input in terms of selecting cabinets, appliances, fixtures or the like. Blarney Stone will have warranties on all parts, but is not responsible for user-inflicted damage, or normal wear and tear, or parts that break after warranty has expired. This is a charity giveaway. We are working with donations coming from all sides. The votes are used as a guide in the path to our decision but the final decision is left to the staff of Blarney Stone.

March 10, 2009