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The Bell Family of Tucson,AZ, as featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover Home Edition was a truly amazing experience for Blarney Stone General Contracting. The people we met and the friends we made will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We were humbled to see so many volunteers and businesses pull together for a common cause. I have never felt such pride in Tucson as I did that week, the event was purely inspirational and the memories are priceless.

It was our honor to help such a wonderful family as the Bell family. The Bell family, and especially Lizzie, work tirelessly to help others through their foundation "The John P. Bell Foundation." To learn more about their charitable works go to

We would also like to extend our utmost appreciation for the Bell family's support and involvement in Blarney Stone's annual charity event this year. It was a great success and we look forward to working with the Bells on future charity events.

One more final debt of gratitude goes out to ABC and Extreme Makeover Home Edition for creating such a special show and allowing Blarney Stone to contribute.