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About Us

We're in the business of making your home remodeling dreams come true. This is our story.


Blarney Stone General Contracting is a family-owned, small business that began as a private real estate investment company specializing in the expansion and restoration of vintage homes.


Our reputation for high quality work grew with each home we purchased, renovated, and sold. We quickly expanded into the public market offering new construction, rehabilitation, renovation, and home improvements for outside clients.


Kevin Cogley, owner of Blarney Stone, has a passion for making older homes look and operate like new again while respecting and maintaining time period aesthetics. His ability to seamlessly blend additions and modern building features to existing homes is what sets Blarney Stone above the competition.


Working with and tastefully updating older homes requires a knowledge base that can only be gained from tried and true hands-on experience. The employees of Blarney Stone pride themselves on their working knowledge of older home intricacies.


Our mobile shops and our experienced, friendly crews are equipped to handle all of your construction needs in a dependable and timely manner.


At Blarney Stone, we perform many trades ourselves that allow us to maintain a high level of quality control with fewer scheduling delays for our clients.


Let us make your building experience a pleasant one.Blarney Stone serves the greater Tucson area.

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