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Designed for You

Simply put, we build your dreams into reality.  


Precision and Accuracy

Our design team has the tools and knowledge to keep the architectual integrity of your home and give you the remodel of your dreams.


Fast Delivery

Meet with one of our expert contractors within 24 hours for a quote. Once the remodeling begins, we guarentee the project will be done on time.

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Reduce Costs

We use top quality material, have less waste, stay on budget, and keep on schedule.


Do you have an idea in mind?
Describe what you're looking for, and we can send you a plan to make it happen.

Choose Your Design Options:

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Your  #1  Tucson Garage Builders

Have you recently purchased a new car or truck? Do you have an RV but nowhere to securely park it?

Maybe you are holding on to that American classic and you need a secure home for it!

Blarney Stone General Contracting can offer you a solution. Our garage builders can update an existing garage, convert a carport into a fully enclosed garage, or a custom-built freestanding or attached home garage. This will guarantee that your vehicle is safe, secure, and protected from the Arizona sun.

A garage is more than just a home for your vehicle, it can also be a workspace or additional storage for your seasonal decorations and valuables. With that in mind, we will build a garage that fits your needs by adding insulation, heating and cooling units, ventilation systems,  built-in shelving, workbenches, extra security, and anything that you may require. We use the top of the line material on all our garage builds to guarantee your satisfaction.

Garage Design.

Having difficulties choosing the right design for your new garage? We have an expert design team to help you choose a garage that fits your lifestyle and meets your needs.


From a free-standing garage to an attached garage, we can custom design a garage for you, or we have many design options for you to choose from.


Is your garage too small and your storage space limited?  We can transform your existing garage into a space that will provide the security that you need for your vehicles and storage needs.

We use the highest quality materials to create a space that is fully functional, and have many layouts and design choices to fit your needs.

How to Start Building a Garage?

Choosing a garage that fits your needs can be daunting.

The list below is a few things that need to be considered before building your new garage:

  • Check your zoning laws, this will ensure that you can build a garage.

  • Choose if you want an attached garage, a freestanding garage, or to convert a carport into a fully enclosed garage.

  • Know the size you want and need and the purpose of your garage.

  • Have an idea of what your budget is and the timeline you would like your garage completed.

  • Contact us for your free quote today!

  • Let us know you found us online at "Garage Builders".


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Exterior and Patio

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Kitchen Remodels

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Custom Builds

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Bathroom Remodel

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Window Walls

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Residential Elevators

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